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What is Protosorb?

What is Protosorb?

It is a development of scientists from Belgorod State Agricultural University* that refers to methods of
feeding pigs and using natural charcoal as addition to fodders and in the composition of fodders. Birch
charcoal is manufactured by heating natural timber without any additives and without air at t 400-500 0 C
strictly according to the technical regulation confirmed in the established order and complies with the
requirements of Technical Specifications of USSR 13-4000-177-86-85. In order to receive Protosorb
birch charcoal is crushed and passivated with water.
* Monograph by G.S.Pokhodnya, M.N.Ponedelchenko, 2011 «Using unconventional fodders in pig
breeding» and thesis work by T.V.Morozova 2011 «Influence of feeding charcoal to piglets during
fattening onto their growth and meat properties» can be sent to you upon your request.

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