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What is a hookah briquette?

So to say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Being invented in India, the hookah spread rapidly throughout the Muslim world, and then it migrated to Europe. Throughout its history, masters competed in the art of making by modifying some parts of the design and adding various decorations. But all these metamorphoses concerned mainly the exterior of the hookah. Consumable materials, and charcoal in particular, for a long time did not change. However, to date, in view of the worldwide popularity of hookah, manufacturers continue to please us with new models of devices and consumables, so that it’s easy to get lost even when choosing a charcoal . So,

What is a briquette and what’s it for?

A Hookah briquette is pressed charcoal with carefully selected composition and shape. It may seem obvious, but the main and perhaps its only purpose is heating the tobacco. However, as in any issue, there are some nuances here. For example, subject to the availability of resources, there is a temptation to take the electric charcoal . Will the d ference be significant? Here you can draw an analogy with the preparation of meat at the stake – ordinary charcoal create a special atmosphere, and also give the hookah a unique shade that is unattainable when using an electronic analog. The type and composition of charcoal affect the aroma of smoke and the preparatory process, so you should determine in advance which charcoal you are going to purchase.



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