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The type and shape of charcoal

Types of hookah charcoal .

Traditionally, hookah charcoal is divided into two main categories – natural and chemical (self-igniting). The natural coals, in turn, can be divided into coconut coals and coals from hardwoods.

Chemical charcoal is a charcoal , which does not require special devices for kindling. Various substances are added to its composition: niter, dry alcohol, etc. It’s obvious advantage is that the kindling takes much less time and does not require additional devices. Among the main disadvantages of most self-igniting coals, one can distinguish an unpleasant odor when kindling and further smoking, the possibility of strong sparks during kindling, as well as a short heat-holding time.

Natural charcoal are made from different types of wood and an organic binder (usually starch or treacle). Most of the coals are made from coconut shell, but also from hardwoods like beech, birch, oak, etc.

Hookah briquette with chemical kindling:

Charcoal briquettes from charcoal:

The charcoal shape

In fact, there are no recommendations the choice of а shape – the manufacturers themselves rarely experiment with this characteristic. Yes, you can find charcoal in the shape of tablets, bars, blocks, etc., but most of the charcoal shape depends on its type (tablets with chemical kindling, cubes of charcoal). The only thing your choice should be based on is the ease of use. Tablets can be taken to outdoor recreation, where chemical kindling will be to the purpose, but they are rarely used indoors due to an unpleasant odor. The bars are good in that they allow you to choose a piece of any size, but because of the fracture of the bar itself, there is a greater chance of soiling clothes or furniture. Cubes are usually easier to use indoors – they are easy to upturn, add, their size fits almost any bowl. Other shapes are rare, but they can be quite qualitative. In a word, you can choose what you personally like.


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