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The tobaccos, syrups, smoking stones and mixtures

Hookah beginners find it hard to choose what to smoke for the first time. Traditional tobacco, or maybe stones for hookah, or even syrup? In this article we will try to sort out what distinguishes all these types of stuffing and for which situation which one is better to choose.
Smoking mixtures

Consist of 5 main components:

1. Tobacco. The main varieties for hookah are the tobaccos – Virginia, Burley, Oriental. They differ in taste and strength of nicotine. Consider each variety a bit detailed:

  • Virginia – is light and sweet in taste, so novice hookah smokers like it vey much. About 70% of all mixtures for hookah are made of it. Cultivated in the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia and South America. In addition to hookahs, it is used to make pipe stuffings, cigarettes and even cigars.
  • Burley – is strong and tart, so attracts gourmets of hookah smoking. It has a high content of nicotine. It is characterized by a high percentage of absorption (25% vs. 7-8% in Virginia and Oriental), so at the taste of the mixture can be much stronger.
  • Oriental – is typical for the Egyptian manufacturers of mixtures. The feature of it is the lowest nicotine content, so it can be used by people who look after their health.

2. Marinade. Currently sugar syrup is used, it serves to impregnate tobacco leaves with flavorings. Previously, honey was used, but it is more difficult to use in production, and it is much more expensive.

3. Flavors. By using them, various tastes appear in tobacco mixtures. Usually, the more expensive the brand, the higher the quality of the flavor, it approaches the natural to the taste. Mixtures consisting only of tobacco and natural fruits or berries are not made because it is too expensive, and the taste is not very saturated. However, many manufacturers add pieces of fruit or whole berries for the beauty of the mixture.

4. Glycerin. It is responsible for the amount of smoke and its density.

5.Preservatives. They increase the mixture shelf life.

On average, the mixture consists of 20% tobacco, the st – other components. Some of the mixtures are produced with a liquid marinade, so squeezing-out is required prior to filling. Others practically are caramelized.

In addition, mixtures are made without tobacco. Corn fibers are used instead of tobacco, other components remain the same. Such mixtures do not contain nicotine, and the flavor can be picked up to your taste. It is excellent for those who care about their health.

Smoking stones

To make such stones, a volcanic rock is used, which has a porous structure. Then these stones are immersed in a marinade, being imbued with taste and aroma. When heated, the liquid that has got into the pores evaporates, a steam is produced that has a smell and taste. Thus, the stones, instead of tobacco, are an alternative carrier of marinade. There are immediately traced the pros of this type of smoking:

  • complete absence of nicotine and various tars
  • the stones are heated faster than tobacco
  • they can be reusable, after the smoking session, you need to lower the stones in he marinade and after a while use again
  • economy: the stones are cheaper than tobacco mixtures.

However, there are disadvantages, one smoking session lasts for 30-40 minutes, and also they need a special bowl, for example, vortex or phunnel.


They are another novelty in the world of hookah and consist of glycerin and flavorings. For smoking syrup, you need to use a special bowl, in which the holes are on the sides, and the bottom is solid. Such bowls are usually produced by the manufacturers of syrups, so if you saw any syrup in the store, then most likely you can immediately find a special bowl. As well as stones the syrups are also safer alternative to tobacco mixtures, do not contain nicotine, and when burned, they practically do not form harmful substances.



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