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The coal kindling

How to kindle charcoal for a hookah?

The Turbo Lighter / Gas Burner

A convenient way to warm up the hookah charcoal under extreme conditions, when it is not possible to kindle charcoal on a conventional stove. It can be a trip to the forest, for fishing, etc. These devices allow you to quickly kindle the charcoals. Among the shortcomings can be identified the need for periodic refilling, the fact that the lighter must be kept in hand throughout the process. A great option for preparing a hookah outdoors, but it is not too practical at home.

The electric stove

It is a remarkable device, which was created specifically for kindling a charcoal . This electronic device allows to evenly kindle the charcoals and avoid soiling the usual stove. In addition, it is very convenient and easy to use.

The gas stove

It is possible to kindle charcoals on a gas stove. It’s quite simple and fast. If in your house there is a similar device, then buying a stove for kindling charcoals is practically meaningless. For kindling a briquette on a gas stove, any etal mesh, similar to what is shown, may be in use, but it is not necessary, with the proper skill you can place all the charcoals without it as well.

Important: during the warm-up process, the charcoals must become uniformly red on all sides. Do not heat the charcoals on one side, leaving the other black, and begin to fan them already in the chillum. Most likely in this case you will get an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. A poorly heated charcoal is a very common mistake for beginners.

Also, the hookah charcoal can be kindled on a simple electric stove with flat round burners or on a spiral electric stove that are sold in many stores.


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