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The Biochar Production

For the Biochar production the technological raw materials of hardwood GOST-24260-80 (birch, aspen)
are used.

The production is carried out in vertical continuously operating retorts in accordance with
GOST-7657-84. For the Biochar production, we use only high-quality charcoal of the grade “A”.

The technological process:

The Biochar production takes place in several stages:
Primarily, technological raw materials are cut into chocks of a certain size. Then, the wood is transportedby a skip hoist into the drying apparatus, where it is dried by the flue gas, which is formed in the furnacefrom the combustion of steam and gas from the retort. The dryer operates with flue gas recirculation. Theburnt gases are taken away by the exhaust fan and go to the furnace of the dryer to dilute the heat-transfermedium. The moisture evaporated from the chock is dumped into the chimney. The dried chock is unloaded in small portions into a bucket of skip hoists and fed into the retort.

Vertical continuously operating retort is designed for thermal decomposition of wood without access of oxygen.

In the retort the pyrolysis process is carried out continuously with periodic loading of wood in smallportions into the upper part and continuous discharge of the cooled charcoal from below part of the retort.

Wood in the retort when moving from top to bottom passes the following zones:
• The final drying and beginning of wood decomposition;
• The heat treatment;
• Cooling to 50 degrees Celsius;

In the process of pyrolysis of wood in the retort, a combined-gas and steam mixture is formed, which is
collected at the top of the retort. After separation of liquid products from the steam-gas mixture, the gas mixture enters the retorts and dryers as fuel. The liquid fraction (tar) is collected in tanks for further use as fuel in the boiler room.

Thus, the accompaniments are fully used in the technological mode, which eliminates the pollution of the

The obtained product by the belt conveyor enters the loading shop for sorting by fractions into containers. The target fraction is treated with water or steam.

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