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The application results

Micropores of charcoal retain water in the root zone of plants. This provides easy root access to oisture throughout the season, increasing the intervals between watering and reducing the need for irrigation by 20-30%.

According to field tests conducted by the company CoolTerra ™, the biochar increased the yield of grapes while reducing watering to 40%, which exceeded the level of crop yields with watering in accordance with the standard of the agricultural producer. Studies have shown that the diameter of the vine has ncreased. The quality of the grapes also increased – in berries there was the growth of amino acids and nitrogen, being assimilated by yeast fungi, as well as of anthocyanins and tannins.

The biochar pores retain complex fertilizers introduced into the soil, making them bioavailable. Studies
by CoolTerra ™ have shown higher soil concentrations of nitrates, potassium, and phosphates in the
fertilizer zone.

Using biochar raises biomass:

Experiments with tomatoes and sweet peppers showed a significant increase in crop yields:

The Biochar reduces the nutrient leaching

The studies show that the Biochar reduces the nutrient leaching. When comparing samples taken at a depth of 10 and 20 cm, soils with the Biochar retain a practically constant level of nitrates.


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