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Protosorb properties

Protosorb properties

  • Color: black
  • Odor: product distinctive
  • Moisture: up to 15%
  • Packaging: Bulk bags (Big bags) by 400-500 kg. Packaging is possible into polyethylene bags by 20kg


Main feature of birch charcoal::

Each gram of birch coal has about 20 sq.m. of active surface which, in its turn, ensures the following:

    • Detoxication of components in pigs ration
    • Preventing negative impact of toxins onto piglets metabolism

  • Reducing content of substances harmful for health in the animal’s body
  • Increases quality properties of meat

Each lot is accompanied with quality certificate and compliance certificate.

Protosorb is not toxic, does
not possess cumulative qualities, inert under normal conditions, fire-safe (hazard class – 9 according to
GOST 19433-81).

Supplied ready for use.


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