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Materials of bowls for hookahs

Clay bowls

People have been smoking hookah since ancient times. The first bowls, as well as the tableware, were made of clay. Such bowls remain one of the best options to this day. In the clay there are microscopic pores, thanks to which the bowl warms evenly. Therefore, in such bowls, tobacco practically does not burn fast. Through the pores, the moisture evaporates gradually, so the tobacco can easily be smoked, and the gradual and even warming-up contributes to a prolonged tobacco smoldering process.

The main problem of such bowls is that they cannot be cooled in cold water. By this they crack and break down. A clay chillum should be cooled at room temperature.

Another drawback of the bowl – it has not too neat appearance. Each such bowl is made by hand, therefore it has various flaws: unevenness, asymmetrical arrangement of holes. The quality of smoking is not affected, so this drawback is quite arbitrary. In addition, clay absorbs odors, so you need to wash it very carefully after each smoking session, o keep a separate bowl for each type of tobacco, so that to avoid forming the “compote” of different tastes.

A clay bowl is one of the best choices for smoking conventional tobacco. They are not as popular as ceramic ones, since manual production leads to a higher price of the product. It happens that at the first use of the clay bowl there is a slight smell of clay. This should not be a cause for concern, the smell will soon disappear. This happens if the product was roasted at an insufficient temperature. Some manufacturers overcome this problem by glaze coating, but in general it is not necessary.

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls are very popular due to the low price. They are made at the plant, so they turn out to be smooth and beautiful. They are covered with multi-colored enamel, so you can pick a bowl to your taste. The disadvantage of such a bowl is that the tobacco burns quickly and unevenly. So, for successful use of ceramic chillum, skill and experience are needed. Most hookahs of the middle price catego are equipped with a ceramic bowl.

Glass bowls

Glass bowls are the most expensive because of the complexity of production. Usually they are made from borosilicate glass. They have low thermal conductivity, as a result of which tobacco smoldering is slowl and gradual. In addition, they are strong enough and can survive the fall from a small height. Such bowls are not very common in sale, since most hookah smokers prefer cheaper and habitual types of bowls.

Metal bowls

The main and only advantage of such a bowl is toughness. For the rest, the metal chillums are uncomfortable, they heat up quickly, the tobacco smolders too quickly and is burnt fast. They have an attractive appearance, so they are often used for decorative hookahs.


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