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The Biochar is one of the most effective fertilizers available today, as it stops the process of soil
degradation and is chemically inert, that is it doesn’t interact with surrounding chemical elements. Due to this, it does not break down in the soil for many years and does not change the composition of useful
nutrients and microelements.

The main property of the biochar is porosity, which allows retaining water and nutrients. This property is especially important for arid regions. In addition, the biochar is an adsorbent; it absorbs various heavy metals, contributing to the improvement of soil quality.

Besides, the biochar is absolutely harmless to humans and the surrounding world, does not require
protective agents during use, does not have an unpleasant odor, and is also convenient and safe to
transport. All these factors make it possible to say that the biochar is not only effective, but also a safe and environmentally friendly analog of modern fertilizers.


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