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Choosing a hookah bowl (chillum)

When buying a hookah people rarely think about with what a bowl the device is equipped with, however the quality of the smoking process largely depends on the correctly chosen bowl. To this important detail they begin to pay attention after the purchase – due of inconveniences arising from use, or a breakage. We recommend immediately sorting out what kind of bowls can be and what to pay attention to when choosing it.

At the moment there are 3 main types of bowls for hookahs:

«Vortex» is a bowl with a rise in the center, in which from 2 to 4 holes are made. This type of bowl is usually made of ceramics, which means that it has all the advantages and disadvantages of this material. The Vortex bowl is intended for use with smoking stones and syrups, since the bottom of it is closed and the liquid will not flow into the trunk. For ordinary tobacco, such a bowl is of little use, since it does not provide the necessary draft.
The bowl “Phunnel”
A bowl with one big hole in the middle. It is very similar in material d purpose to the Vortex bowl. It is made from ceramics or glass, excellent for smoking stones and tobacco with a high content of syrup. Before buying, you need to check that the thumb in the center part is below the bowl side boards. Otherwise, there will be no draft and you will not be able to smoke a hookah. Such bowls differ in depth – the deeper the bowl, the more tobacco can be put there, and as a consequence it is longer to smoke a hookah without stuffing. It is recommended to have two bowls: one – shallow for quick smoke breaks and the other – deep for a large company.
The classic Turkish bowl
The most common bowl is usually made of clay. It has a few holes in the bottom. It is best for smoking tobacco without liquid. You cannot tamp down tobacco in such a bowl, in this case there will be no air access through the holes in the bottom of the bowl. Ideal choice for smoking not very wet tobacco, the bowl perfectly reveals the full potential of taste.



  1. 05.05.2020
  2. We recommend 2-4 pieces of natural charcoal depending on the size of the bowl and desired smoke output. Each bowl will hold approximately 10-20 grams of shisha tobacco.


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