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Charcoal Sifting

Our company offers the supply of scattered charcoal of different fractions.

Fraction 0-2 mm

Applications of charcoal involve the use of different fractions. In particular, for the manufacture of dyes, cosmetics, drugs using a dust fraction of up to 2mm.

soap with the addition of charcoal


a purifying charcoal facial mask

Also the fine fraction 0-2mm used as «“Protosorb”» active additives to food for pigs.

Fraction 3-12mm

Depending on the equipment used, different optimal fractions of charcoal are required to produce BAU-A and other types of activated coals. It can be a fraction of 3-7mm, 4-8mm, 4-12mm.

coal water filter
gas mask, thin black layer-charcoal

Our company in cooperation with one of the largest manufacturers of fertilizers for garden plants picked the best form factor of charcoal for growing orchids, this fraction of 3-6mm. now the use of charcoal as a soil for orchids has become a regular practice, thousands of women are enjoying the beautiful orchids growing on charcoal.

Charcoal added to the soil is called biochar, depending on the types of plants that are grown in the field, different types and sizes of charcoal can be used. Usually for these purposes, a fraction of 2-12mm is used.

Fractions from 12 to 25mm are used in disposable grills.

Fractions above 25mm are used as reducing agent in silicon production, as fuel in metallurgy and artistic bronze casting.

For briquetting of charcoal the optimum fraction 0-6mm is applied .Such briquette with success is used in the West, and in sales volumes even exceeds traditional charcoal. Its main advantage is that the briquettes are the same in shape and give uniform heat, which is difficult to achieve using conventional charcoal. In addition, by pressing a briquette burns for much longer.

High-quality charcoal fraction 35-80 mm is called charcoal restaurant quality and is used for cooking in grills and barbecues directly in the restaurant. In addition, it is used for a special “hot feed”, in which the finished dish is on a heat-resistant container with charcoal. This feed allows you to keep the dish hot for a long time and gives it a pleasant smell of smoke.

Our company has the ability to dissipate at a fraction of charcoal that suit every need of our partners. Currently, we can sow up to 200 tons of charcoal per month.



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