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Biochar properties

The main properties of biochar

The main feature of BIOCHAR is the high specific area of the active surface – up to 20 m.
Per cubic centimeter. Such indicators are due to the porous structure of BIOCHAR:

As a result, biochar has a unique wide range of useful properties, in particular:

  • It is chemically inert and therefore can lie in the land of the millennium without decomposing.
  • Has a large porosity and, as a result, a huge total area
    Surface, if we assume that the surface of the pores.
  • Has a high absorption, i.e. Can absorb in itself harmful and unclaimed plants substances. A widely known example is the absorption of aluminum oxides from tropical soils by biochar, which suppress the growth of the root system of plants.
  • It is an excellent store of macro- and microelements, nutrients.
  • Increases the porosity of the earth thousands of times. Loosens the soil, preventing clumping of the soil into lumps.
  • Promotes the development of the root system of plants, accelerates the growth of plants, increases the total biomass.
  • Stimulates the fixation of symbiotic nitrogen in the root system.
  • Increases the availability in the soil of Ca, Mg, P and K.
  • Preserves soil moisture.
  • Stabilizes the soil.
  • Increases the fertility of the land.
  • Serves as a transport route for mycorrhizas and bacteria, accelerates the consumption of nutrient Substances with roots.
  • Being an antiseptic, reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria and agricultural pests (Nematodes, queen cells).

The sum of these properties suggests that, following the Green Revolution in world agriculture, the next will be the Black Revolution, based on the use of biochar, which will yield the following main fruits:

1.Solving the environmental problem of land degradation.

2.A sharp increase in the effectiveness of the application of chemical fertilizers with a sharp decrease in the negative consequences of their use.


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