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Variants of cooperation

Variants of cooperation

One of the strengths of our companies is logistics. We have already delivered different variations of charcoal to the ports of Vietnam, the beaches of Los Angeles, the plateau of Mongolia, and many other places. We can deliver Your cargo to any part of the world, at convenient conditions for you. If this is not necessary, you can pick up our cargo yourself from any of our warehouses.* Type of packaging: big-bags (disposable soft container) or polypropylene bags, loading is carried out with the help of modern equipment.

Loading into the refrigerator

Storage of charcoal before shipment


Loading container ship

Loaded tent



Storage big-bag charcoal in stock

Loading big-bags in the tents


Loaded truck(option 1)

Loaded truck(option 2)


Any terms of delivery can be agreed individually. Our company shows all possible flexibility in matters of cooperation.

At the moment, we have already carried out deliveries to France, Mongolia, Poland, Vietnam, Romania, Turkey, Finland and so on. We look forward to new partners.

*We will ship from the nearest warehouse

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